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Share an experience with you as a buyer

Share an experience with you as a buyer

As a sales of sublimation paper, thanks to the trust of one client, i have had the experience as a buyer, today, i am going to share some details and my thoughts as a buyer with you. There are 3 people , S is me , the sales, C is our client, F is our client’s friend.

C buys a lot of sublimation transfer paper from our company, we cooperated very well with each other. One day ,i received an email from C, he told me that he has a friend F, who never imported from China before, but now he wants to buy something from China. He asked if i could offer the help. I replied him of course, it’s a pleasure. I am Chinese, and live in China for more than 20 years, it’s an easier job to find a good manufacturer than F. So i accept the job.

A few days later, F contacted with me , he told me the things he wants buy some hair accessories, and sent some photos of those products. Then i started my career as a buyer.

First i made a list with the product name, along with the pictures. Then i started to look for some companies that are market in Hair Accessories, excluded those trading companies, sent inquires to those manufactures. At least i sent out more than 10 emails.

The other day, i received about 7 replies. 2 of them only replied me with single words : “ Thank you , we are an manufacturer of hair accessories with xx years, contact us if you are interested “ ! I deleted the emails directly ,because from those words, i knew they were only trying to finish one job, but never regarded it seriously. Then the rest 5 added my social contact, i had to talked to them about the requirements. You know sometimes when a client sent us some products they need, but we are unable to do the exactly the same, but indeed we have some similar products, so the best way is introduce the similar products to the clients if they are interested or accept it. That is what a professional sales do, use your profession to help you client to solve his/her problems. One sales among the 5 , apparently is not professional in the hair accessories after talked with her, because she didn’t know how to find another way to solve the problem. I excluded her company too.

Now 4 suppliers left. I told them if you don’t have the same products exactly as the pictures, please offer the similar products, and also you could recommend your hot-sellers, maybe my client will like them. They agreed. Later they sent me the price list. I forwarder to F. F said it’s ok, please arrange some samples .

So i got back to them again with the samples. One supplier told me they don’t provide the same samples, unless your client pay for the sample cost, we will make exactly the same sample with you. The rest 3 supplier sent the samples . Along with the sample, i asked them to send the price list of those samples ,i had to send to my client, the he would be easier to make the decision when comparing the products and prices at the same time. Meanwhile, i wrote the feelings about each supplier when i communicated with them, to help F make a better decision.

The samples were sent. Finally 2 weeks later, F made the decision. He chose K company. K is one of the companies i like, because they are professional in providing suggestions, because F just started this business, doesn’t know much about the industry, me either, so we need suggestions from suppliers . Second is because of their high compatibility, they replied my emails and messages very fast, in other words, their service is excellent. Third, the quality is really good .

After the order is confirmed, F need his own brand packing ,but F only has the logo design,and products description . I forwarder the design the K company, they made 2 designs for F to choose one of them. Even though the design was amended 2 times before it was confirmed, but K company really did a great job to help F solve the design problem.

Then the production begins, when the packing is finished, they sent me pictures, when the products is finished, they sent me pictures, they keep us informed every details of how’s the order going.

After the whole production is finished, i sent the pictures to F of the large cargo, F was very happy , and he said, S, you did a great job.

I think, it is not me ,it’s K company did a great job. They use their profession,and quality,to help F solve many problems. Even though their price is higher than other suppliers, i am not surprised that F choose K company. Professional suggestion , especially for those clients who are not familiar with this industry, is so important. Keep connected, when we have problems or thoughts, we could get in touch with them anytime, give us many confidence in cooperating with them.

There are some details i did not write down today, if we have the chance, hope we could communicate more upon how to find a good supplier, what is exactly a good supplier do etc.

Here attached a photo of the hair products.

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