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The cost of sublimation paper,“You get what you pay for” !

The cost of sublimation paper,“You get what you pay for” !

When it comes to business, the most common topics are two : Price & Quality , or Quality & Price. They are the same in the view of the words, and different in words order. No matter what, those two reveals that every client cares about the quality and price at the same time, just someone cares price more then quality, some cares quality more than price.

Price and quality they are inseparable. There’s a saying goes in China, i am sure that the same meaning does exist in other countries, but we have no idea how it says in their dialect. The famous saying in English is “You get what you pay for” or “It costs what it values” or “the goods value on money” or “It’s worth each penny of it” etc, haha, at least you will understand one of them, right ? It’s very abstract when we only talk about the price and quality in theory, so today let’s talk about the price and quality of sublimation paper.

The main cost of the sublimation transfer paper is : Raw Material and Equipment. Let us discuss them one by one .

First the raw material, including the base paper and coating.

There are main 5 types of sublimation base paper in the market : Sublimation base paper, offset base paper, bond paper, kraft paper, glassine paper. The difference is mainly in the fiber. Sublimation base paper is made of original wood pulp (softwood and hardwood). The fiber is longer than the other 4 types, the other 4 types are mainly made of pulp of those waste paper instead of original wood pulp. The difference is like a new product versus a second-hand product, which one is better , which one is cheaper, i am sure you have your own thought in your mind.

A professional sublimation base paper has longer fiber , it performs better no matter in heat-resistant , tension or porosity. A better heat-resistant and tension gives your more stable production,because with poor heat-resistant and tension, the paper will broken during the production process, you’ll have to start again, it’s a big disaster especially when in a busy and hurry deliver season.

What about sublimation coating ? The main ingredient of sublimation coating is Chemicals (that’s why our engineers are all chemistry professors). The coating is what actually does most of the “magic” that allows sublimation to occur. If you’ve ever experimented with sublimation using plain copy paper, you were probably very disappointed with the results. That’s because there was no coating on the copy paper. The coating is what actually holds the majority of the sublimation dye in place above the surface of the base sheet, preventing it from being absorbed into the paper fibers, subsequently allowing it to be easily released into the substrate when heated in your press. Since copy paper has no coating, the dye gets absorbed into the paper fibers, and is very difficult to get out again. You see, how important the coating is !

There are also many different types of sublimation coating material, the pigment like calcium carbonate, Kaolin, Silica, the adhesive substance like modified resin, polyvinyl acetate emulsion, PVA etc. The quality and performance of those materials are different, no doubt the price is different, with better quality ,you receive a better result. “You get what you pay for”, right ?

Second, let’s talk about the equipment.

The performance of the equipment is very important, especial the stable performance decides the stability of the papers. Our sublimation coating machine was introduced in the year 2010, it is the highest speed in China(150mts/min), which costs us more than 2 million dollars. We have been adjusting all the data for more than one year, the result is that it works extremely stable now. On the other hand, our machines works 150 mts/min, The others coating machines in China normally works 30-40 mts/min, the highest speed is 80mts/min. A better coating machine helps us give your stable quality and fast delivery at the same time. We have confidence that stable quality and fast delivery will help you more in your business than low price. “You get what you pay for” .

That’s only two main cost of dye sublimation paper, the other costs are enterprise management, engineers, service, team etc. Welcome to know more about them all. Contact us now !

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sublimation paper

sublimation paper

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