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How to choose the correct weight of sublimation paper ?

sublimation paper
sublimation paper

There are many types of sublimation paper are using in the market. The common method to separate different sublimation paper is by weight. The 3 common weight are : 75gsm,90gsm,100gsm,120gsm,140gsm .

There are 5 options in front of you when you want to buy it, but how to choose the correct sublimation transfer paper ? Today we are going to share some points with you :

1.Select the appropriate weight based on the amount of ink load.

A. Low ink load. When printing low ink load images, the image is not complicate and colorful , such as swimwear, you could choose 75grams, 100grams. As long as the environment humidity is at 40%-60% RH, the dye sublimation paper could be smoothly printed.

B. High ink load. When you are printing large area of deep color, like large area of black color, you’d better choose the 120gsm sublimation paper , the ideal humidity is between 60%-70%RH.
Ink loading is an important factor because it is related with the water absorption by the paper. Since sublimation paper is vulnerable due to it can be easily affect by moisture, so the higher the ink loading, the heavier the paper has to be,in order to accept the moisture from the ink without any printing problem.

2.Printing environment and relative humidity conditions:

A. Low humidity. Relative humidity is under 45%RH (without humidifier in your printing), you should choose 75gsm paper. Because in a low humidity, the paper will shrink, leave the printing side arcing up. Meanwhile, the paper will absorb water during the printing, it makes the paper wrinkles worse. We recommend you to choose the 75gsm, is because the 100gsm, 120gsm is thicker than 75gsm, the papers are harder, they will rub the print-head badly. But 75gsm is thinner and softer, it will relieve the wrinkle.

B. High humidity. When the humidity is higher than 70%RH (without dehumidifier in your printing room), the thicker paper 120gsm,140gsm work better than thinner paper. Because the paper will immediately absorb moisture in the air, cause the paper become softer and reduce the stiffness. The 75g and 100g paper do not have a good stiffness in high humidity after they absorb the moisture, they will be very difficult to print.

3. Roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet

Roll-to-roll operation of the printer allows for a certain amount of tension control. Although the different types and makes of printers vary considerably in this regard, as a general rule roll-to-roll printing results in better process control than roll-to-sheet, in which the paper web is cut off immediately after the printing heads. Additionally, when the printed paper is processed from the roll in a transfer calender, conditions are ideal for the use of a lightweight paper.

4. Printing speed
The higher the printing speed, the lower the paper weight can be. Cockling causes problems mostly when it happens directly beneath the printing heads. The papers for open substrates are designed to slow the water absorption in the paper structure. From this, a higher printing speed takes the cockling away from the danger zone under the printing heads.So in the MS high speed printers, people are using normally the 60gsm sublimation paper, in future the printer will works faster and faster, the printing paper will be thinner and thinner .

If we do not state our point very clearly due to language problem, and you are still confused about it, the best way is when you are inquiring your vendor, tell them the detailed information about your need, we are sure they will offer you a professional solution.

An universal method, test them yourself and make the choice !

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