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Bro-Sis Sublimation Paper

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What is sublimation paper ? What are those factors that will influence the quality of sublimation paper ?

Sublimation paper is a very important role in the sublimation transfer process. The function of sublimation transfer paper, is that it absorbs sublimation ink during the sublimation printing process, and then releases the sublimation ink during the sublimation transfer process. The sublimation paper will directly influence the sublimation transfer result, because it decides how much ink could be absorbed and how much ink could be released to the textile. Bro-Sis have been producing sublimation paper for 10 years, today we are going to share a complete basic information about sublimation transfer paper with everyone who is or going to market with sublimation.

Sublimation paper, also named “sublimation transfer paper”, “dye sublimation paper”, “sublimation printing paper” etc. Sublimation paper is one kind of heat transfer paper, because it needs high heat during the sublimation process. There’s a common saying in the heat transfer industry, when people are talking about “heat transfer paper”, 90% possibility is that they need the transfer paper for cotton fabric. So different with “heat transfer paper”, sublimation paper is used for polyester fabric, or those medias that has a sublimation coating in the surface. Some clients want to do sublimation in the cotton t-shirt, actually it is realizable only if you use the cotton t-shirt that has a sublimation coating in the surface.

Sublimation paper is made up of 2 important parts, the base paper and the sublimation coating. It is like an sandwich, in the middle is the base paper, in the upper is the ink-absorbing coating, in the bottom is the anti-curling coating. Those 3 parts, not a single one could be dispensable.

Let’s talk about the ink-absorbing coating (or called ink receptive coating) first. It is a functional coating because it functions to hold the sublimation dye in a position available for sublimation printing. The coating composition includes at least a filler and a binder. It provides a desired porosity to achieve a desired ,high transfer efficiency. The suitable filler and binder materials, there are many different types, examples of suitable filler materials incluedes silica, calcium carbonate, clays, and binders include polyvinyl alcohol, acrylics, latexes, natural polymer etc. The quality of the coating will influence the ink absorbing. The dosage of the coating in one square meter, will also cause some influence.

Second ,the base paper. There are mostly 2 types of base paper in the market, one type is sublimation base paper , and the other one is offset base paper. The fibers and the openness of the base paper are very important to the transfer result. For example, the sublimation base paper, is made up of softwood and hardwood pulp, it provides a very good high-heat durability and good intension to the paper. On the other hand ,the tightness of the sublimation base paper is higher, then the porosity is smaller. If the tightness is lower, the porosity if bigger, then the ink will penetrate the base paper to the back side, not stay on the felt side and directly transfered to the textile. It not only lead to bad transfer result, it is only a waste of expensive sublimation ink . The offset base paper, is made up of waste papers pulp, like newspaper,magazines, the function is worse than the professional sublimation base paper.

Third, the anti-curl coating. It helps the paper from get curling. After the base paper is coated, there is a drying process. If there’s only one coating in the felt side of the base paper, but no coating in the wire side, it means the felt side is wet, but the wire side is dry, then the elasticity of the paper will be different, that’s the reason why the paper will get curled. Because Like sheet sublimation paper A3 and A4, the humidity of the environment will influence the curling problem. In order to save the material cost, some factories won’t do the anti-curl coating, the paper will have a very big curing problem , the most serious consequence is that it will hurt or damage your expensive piezo printer head.

In general, the selection of the sublimation paper can assist in the ability of handling the sublimation ink and provide a desired high fidelity image. Furthermore, the selection of the paper can also provide a reduction in the amount of sublimation ink needed to provide the desired image compared with prior sublimation papers. A good sublimation paper, not only could help you get a good transfer result, but also will help you save your paper,ink ,printer, substrate cost. Because a failure in the sublimation paper, leads to the failure to the whole sublimation process.

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sublimation paper

sublimation paper

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