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What do you need for sublimation paper transfer (the whole sublimation process equipment)?

sublimation paper

sublimation paper

Sublimation paper transfer is more and more popular nowadays in the whole world , the reason is not only it solves the problem that polyester can not be dyed with pigment in dyeing factory, but also due to the transfer process is very easy , investment capital is also cheaper than others, like scree printing, silk printing etc.

Today we are going to share with you the whole sublimation process and the equipment you need , to help you know more about dye sublimation paper transfer, if you are planning invest sublimation transfer, this will also help you calculate the probable investment amount.

The whole sublimation process including : 1, Design your image with Photoshop , CorelDRAW, or Adobe lllustrator. 2. After your design if finished , print your image (mirror printing)with an ink-jet printer(like Epson, Mimaki etc) that use sublimation ink, with sublimation transfer paper. 3. When the sublimation paper completely dries, transfer the image to the substrate with the heat press(Flat or Roll heat press, mug heat press, 3D heat press etc). The whole process is finished. Sounds very easy, right ? Now let’s discuss the equipment separately .

1.A computer with design software.
You may create your design yourself, remember that sublimation has strict requirement in the image DPI (resolution, or dots per inch), if you want to get a very good transfer result, you’d better create a high resolution image ,more than 300 dpi.
Some people want to do the transfer use their own picture, then you’d better get a very good cellphone , or a good camera.

2.An ink-jet printer.
This including desktop printer and large format sublimation plotter. Desktop printer like Epson Stylus R230, R330, large format ploter Epson F6070, Mimaki JV-33. Remember you must use sublimation ink (we will talk later more about printer, ink , color management system).

3.Sublimation Paper
Sublimation transfer is a necessary part. It is the media that transfer your image ,your color to the substrate.

4.Heat Press Machine
There are various of heat press machine, like for ceramic mugs, the 6 in 1 heat press machine. For t-shirt or stones, tiles , the vertical heat press, or swing-away heat press machine. The 3D mini heat press, the 3D Vacuum heat press. For large format textile transfer ,the roll-to-toll heat press machine, or heat press calendar .

If you are going to do sublimation with ceramic mugs, plates,ornaments,phone cover, you need a tape to stick the paper together with the substrate, to protect them from moving. The tape must be high-temperature resistant.
For small size transfer ,you need a pair of scissors to cut the printed sublimation paper into pieces.

That’s all you need in sublimation paper transfer. The printer, sublimation ink , and heat press machine, are the most valuable equipment. A few years ago , the sublimation paper was very expensive too. But now with the development of Chinese sublimation industry, the price becomes cheaper than before. Our technology already catched up with South Korea, and especially in the coating formula , we are much better than their. Our factory is always keeping on researching and developing high transfer-efficiency , and new sublimation paper for the clients.

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